Every year on this day we all remember. After watching the ceremonies on TV, and hurting for all those whose lives were changed on that day, I always go back to thinking of one thing. Terrorism. I think about what it means, who it is, why it is and most of all how? How can anyone actually do it? It has been around for countless ages, and seems like the most primitive of acts, but here we are in the third millenium AD, still dealing with terrorism.

The acts that followed in other parts of our world never leave my mind either. Spain, England, Thailand, Israel, and most of all, Beslan.


Here is a sketch I made as part of a larger project about terrorism that I am working on. The part where I make my plea to the people of the world to go ahead and touch one another. And in doing so, we may acknowledge eachothers existence. Eachothers flesh and blood. Maybe then we can remember that we are all the same family. We are all the same, regardless of religion, race or political beliefs.

Maybe September 11th should be declared End Terrorism Day.

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  1. Veronica

    Beautiful Despina. I agree, End Terrorism Day would be appropriate.

  2. margaret

    Good thoughts Despina and great sketch.

  3. Sara Dilliplane

    Amen. What a beautiful idea and beautiful visuals to go along with it!

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