Yankees Victory Parade

Yankees Victory Parade

waiting for the yanks, crowd

I went downtown to draw the Yankees Victory parade up Broadway – the “canyon of heroes” on Friday morning. It was great fun to see the players go by on the floats: Matsui was reserved and cool, Mariano Rivera was suave, Damon played the crowd and Jeter was, of course, the heart-throb. But the best part of the Yankees parade was THE CROWD: they don’t call them the Bronx Bombers for nothin’! The fans were raucous and rowdy and having a good time! This drawing was made before the parade even started, we’d all been standing out there for about three hours already and they were getting restless. A cab driver somehow was able to drive down Broadway right before the start time, only to be jeered at and pelted with newspapers, confetti, and rolls of toilet paper.  A little boy managed to chuck a roll of t.p. all the way across Broadway and the fans cheered him so much that Dad lifted him up to receive the raucous adulation!! Good job! A most satisfying morning, for sure. See more drawings from the day here.


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  1. Danielle

    Ron-my dad said that entire Yankees parade was on the LIRR after wards. It was crazy! But he was excited for the overtime! -Dan

  2. Greg

    Great series of drawings Ronnie. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another 9 years for the next Yankees parade!


  3. margaret

    Nice Ron, looks like a great day!

  4. Veronica

    Thanks guys, it was fun!
    Ha – I guess both Rons got some in some overtime that day Danielle!

  5. despina

    ha! I think this is the first and maybe only time I’ll say this: that poor yellow nyc cab!!!
    beautiful drawing, really feels like New Yawkas!!!!

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