Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field

On a recent trip to Chicago, I took my family to Wrigley Field, a baseball landmark. The 98 year old ballpark is incredibly charming and the lack of modern conveniences makes it feel a bit more like what it’s supposed to be, a day at the ballgame. Some of these new stadiums make it almost nicer to walk around inside of them than enjoy the game and fresh air! Well anyway, it was raining so I didn’t have much chance to draw, but I get this pastel reportage drawing done. My son completed it with a few creative red and purple lines. A great place to check out if you’re ever in the windy city.

Greg Betza

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  1. Tracey

    This is such a nice sketch of Wrigley Field. I live in Chicago, but have to admit I was always a Sox fan. The old Comiskey Park had as much charm as Wrigley until they tore it down.

  2. Greg

    Thanks Tracey, had Comiskey been there it would’ve been on my sightseeing list for sure.

  3. Hollie

    Me and my bf took a road trip across America and started in Chicago.
    We dont have baseball in England but my bf and his bro are fans, and made me pick a team ages ago.. I chose the Cubs 🙂 so we went to Wrigley while we were there. Such a pretty little place! Was a lovely place to watch my first ever baseball game. (and Cubs won!)

    We finished our trip in San Diego and watched the Padres play (my bfs team) and although a lovely ground, it couldnt beat Wrigley for its quaintness and charm.

    This is a lovely representation of Wrigley field. 🙂

  4. Greg

    Wonderful story Hollie, thank you for sharing!

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