Wonder Woman self portrait

Wonder Woman self portrait

Those who know me know my alter-ego is Wonder Woman. I admire her grace (just erase the image of a running Linda Carter for the moment, and instead picture her righteous blue eyes and patriotic panties). As a little girl I wore Omi’s red boots and protected our garden from evildoers with my clothesline lasso. The image below is a portrait of my personality, though I do always wear my tiara in case I am in an accident. By the way,  did you know WW is one inch taller than Superman? According to Wikipedia, Diana Prince is 6’4”, and Clark Kent is 6’3″ (please don’t come after me, comic book nerds, I am just sharing trivia I found online). I love that Wonderwoman is pretty but not a sissy–After all, she is an Amazon (though thankfully she is not quite authentic in that she is perfectly symmetrically intact (look it up if you are puzzled).

Wunderfrau, c'est moi!

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  1. Margaret

    1 inch, huh?
    I wonder why?

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