William and the Robot King

William and the Robot King

One of the highlights of the pandemic lockdown for me has been the regular Zoom drawing sessions I’ve been having with my 11 year old nephew William. So when we saw each other recently at a distanced outdoor gathering, it only made sense that we would bring our sketchbooks and draw together.

Above is my drawing of him, working intently. Below is the drawing he was working on, of a Robot King, complete with captured skull on a pedestal. He gave me explicit permission to show this to my ‘artist friends,’ so here it is.

I LOVE THIS DRAWING SO MUCH! What can I say, the kid is good.

post by Veronica and William

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  1. Margaret Hurst

    I love William’s drawings! He IS good!!!
    Love your drawing of William!!

  2. Greg

    Love these two drawings!

  3. Veronica

    Thanks Greg! You can see how focused William is when he draws. 🙂

  4. Veronica

    Thank you Marg! Those patterns in the Robot King – right?!

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