What does it take?

What does it take?

Teachers, friends and books … three simple words, but they mean so much. This past Monday Dominick and I were having a conversation about art and asking what does it take for an artist to truly reach their potential?

So I shared with him something my Kabbalah teacher Sarah told me last week, (it was a real ah-ha moment and one worth a million treasures). She said that in order for a person to reach their fullest potential in life it’s critical they look at their environment and only surround themselves with what will nurture their path. (What doesn’t MUST GO!) She said there’s 3 elements in life key to fulfillment. Those 3 were … teachers, friends and books.

And so I took a look … My friends and I at the studio have been fortunate to have had the greatest of teachers, (for whom without we’d never have set our heights as high as they are) and yes, still learning from him.

Friends are what we are to each other, (for that I am forever grateful), and books? Well, if you know one of us, (or all) you know; our books are our lifeline. We can’t ‘be’ without them.

Enjoy your Thursday, Michele

Above is a study for a painting currently on the board. The letters are from the Aramaic alphabet and the sequence is called unconditional love.

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