Vigil for George Floyd

Vigil for George Floyd

Black Lives Matter protests and vigils for George Floyd have taken over the country, and the world. As a reportage illustrator and someone in sympathy with the protestors, I would normally be in the midst of it all, documenting these events, but have supported in spirit only, due to the coronavirus threat.

But from a VERY large social distance, with my mask on, I did see and draw a silent vigil for George Floyd in a park near me. With the Queensboro bridge and the powerful Manhattan skyline as a backdrop, a circle of people gathered in the park to take a knee for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, commemorating the last moments of George Floyd’s life.

The park was totally silent, bathed in the golden light of approaching sunset. It was a very emotional experience, and quite moving. I hope that this movement will create the shift in society that needs to happen:

Clearly, change is overdue.

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