Fundraiser for Ukrainian Refugees

Fundraiser for Ukrainian Refugees

Seeing so many Ukrainian refugees fleeing their homes, leaving family members and life as they knew it behind, I wanted to find a way to contribute. So I painted a sunflower, the national flower of Ukraine and now, a global symbol of hope and resistance, as a way to raise funds for their aid.


I’m auctioning this framed original to raise funds for emergency aid for families fleeing the Ukraine

through CARE, a leading humanitarian relief organization. From March 14th until 11:59 pm on March 20th

you can participate by donating to CARE and sending your receipt via email to verolawlor(at)

Donate $10 for one ticket, $50 for five, or as much as you’d like – each chance is a $10 donation.

I’ll assign the numbers as the emails come in, digitally spin the wheel, and post the winner next week.


Thank you for helping me to help the Ukrainian refugees.

Posted by Veronica


(Framed art is 12″ x 15″)

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