Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper


I have had the fortune in my life to have been able to see how things work. And more importantly, why. Trying to explain moments and processes to someone who has no point of reference for such a situation is sometimes near impossible. We need comparisons in life to make examples of, to build a foundation on, to understand how and why things are the way they are. So when my father lifted a roll of material onto the press the other day I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. TOILET PAPER! At least that is what I thought at the time. The heaviest roll of TP ever. It wasn’t of course, but a couple of years ago my daughter—from her infinite fountain of reference—looked around when inspecting my fathers shop and said, “why does grandpa have so much toilet paper?” In all the years I worked along side of him—unloaded trucks full, moved the paper from one rack to another—I never made that connection. It took a 4 year-old to show me what I wasn’t seeing. I have longer talks with her now.—Dominick

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  1. Greg

    Really like this drawing Dom. Kind of reminds me of a Robert Weaver.

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