Timeless water-colors

Timeless water-colors

one watercolor a day/ Michele Bedigian

So the boys went boating yesterday, the 4th of July, with their Dad and their Grandpa, and it reminded me of this piece I did about a year ago in Newport, Rhode Island (a frequent family destination). I did it originally on site as an exercise for “One Watercolor a Day”, a follow-up to our “One Drawing a Day” book, both designed and edited by Veronica. I pulled it out to share with the kids what they could do with water and color since they spent the morning ON the water. They were just as thrilled to share with me they remembered the moment I did it and asked when are we going back. With a warm heart and a surprised joy in the question, I told them “Soon…it’s a promise.” … eager to be back myself. I just love it when things ‘stick’ in their mind as time well spent! Enjoy the week. – Michele

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  1. Norma

    LOVE your uniqueness and the memories you share

  2. Michele

    Thank you TITI … what a beautiful surprise! You made my day! LOVE YOU

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