Tibet in Times Square in July

Times Square in July! Fellow studio 1482ers Despina, Veronica and I went to draw in Times Square on Wednesday. We were lucky. It wasn’t as hot as it might have been in July, but there was a huge amount of activity! People from all parts of the world were walking around taking pictures and watching the walls of Time Square change subject and color. Wow, it sure as changed since the first time I went to Times Square soooooo many years ago! Wednesday the Tibetan people were protesting on 46th Street, so we made some drawings.

Margaret Hurst

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  1. Veronica Lawlor

    Great drawing Marg! This was a fun afternoon, we’ve got to do it more often. : )

  2. Margaret hurst

    It was really enjoyable! What an environment! Yeah, let’s do it again!

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