the wonder of it

the wonder of it

Nine years ago this week, standing tall right there in front of me…the Sydney Opera House  with it‘s bold and commanding design was undeniably awe inspiring from the outside and just as magnificent from within (considering the untouchable talent that’s passed through it’s gate). If you haven’t been there, I insist! A MUST SEE on your bucket list. What an experience!

Above is a page from my sketchbook with a few ‘on the spot’ poster designs – Michele

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  1. Liz Steel

    I have lived in Sydney all my life and NEVER get sick of sketching the building! Absolutely love your sketches. let me know if you ever get a chance to come back!!

  2. Michele

    Thanks Liz, it certainly was a breathtaking sight .. and the rest of your city is just as spectacular. Much gratitude for your kind words, (from my corner of the world to yours), all the best!

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