Save The Stonewall Inn

Save The Stonewall Inn

In honor of Pride, today I’m re-posting a drawing I made at The Stonewall Inn, in downtown New York City. The drawing was made at a vigil held for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016. (See original post HERE)

I post it today not to bring up those painful memories, but to highlight the role that the iconic role the Stonewall plays as a symbol for the LGBTQIA community. It’s said that here was where the gay rights movement was born.

Due to the months-long lockdown in New York City, this iconic bar is in danger of closing. In my opinion, a place that holds so much meaning for so many people should not be allowed to close down.

If you agree with me, and would like to contribute to their Go Fund Me page, click HERE.

Happy Pride 2020!

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