The Federal Art Project

Mexico in Epcot/Michele Bedigian


Did you know yesterday marked the 80th Anniversary of the Federal Art Project? The Federal Art Project was a pretty significant contribution to American culture. Funded by the New Deal in 1935 it was one of the projects kicked off by President Franklin Roosevelt. The program employed as many as 10,000 independent artists across 100 communities who otherwise would not have received such exposure. Over 200,000 works came out of the program, including murals, posters, and sculptures. Some notable (and some of my favorite) Federal Art Project artists commissioned to work were Bearden, Gorky, Rivera, Rothko and Pollack amongst dozens of others we really look at today as significant influences in art history. So Happy Anniversary! with much much gratitude, X Michele

P.S. Above is another drawing I did a few weeks back in Epcot’s World Pavilion in Mexico (as I too ran from one of the many torrential downpours Dom mentioned yesterday, lol.)

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