The Dirty Urchins

The Dirty Urchins

These are the Dirty Urchins!  They were playing in Central Park on a beautiful afternoon last week at the Bethesda Fountain.  The sax player is the spokesman and the comedian of the group.  Very funny material!  As I’m writing this I’m listening to their CD.  A couple of the songs I like are, “Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down,” and “I Ain’t Cheap.”  They have a website,  They were a lot of fun to draw and I could feel the late afternoon quickly slipping into evening; the summer is coming to a close and the daylight hours are just a little bit shorter.   (I’m crying, just in case you don’t know that)  Summer always goes too fast! Thanks for a lovely and fun afternoon, Dirty Urchins!  Hope to see you again before the summer ends.

The Dirty Urchins

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  1. Veronica

    Happy summer! Happy Dirty Urchins! Happy you, making this great drawing!

  2. margaret

    Yeah, Happy End of Summer, Happy Beginning of Fall!!!

  3. David Luther

    Aha! Freddie told me about this drawing a while back, and I just now got around to investigating… Love the drawing! A pleasure that you could share the afternoon with us. Would you mind at all if we perhaps posted your drawing on our Facebook or MySpace pages (with due credit, of course)? You can reach us at

  4. Margaret

    Hi David-
    I’m glad you like the drawing….I have a few more of you guys!
    I like your music and you have a very entertaining act.
    I’ll contact you.

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