The Crocus Will Have to Wait

The Crocus Will Have to Wait

The last month or so has been very busy in the studio—projects coming and going. As Spring keeps trying to pop it’s head through the ground I had planned on drawing crocusie—croci, crocuses, croquettes—however you spell many crocuses. But as they bloomed during breakfast and were gone by lunch I figure I have to put one more thing on the 2018 iCal to make sure I am paying attention come next year. So before another day goes by unposted, I decided I would share a drawing of the old man on the machine. Some intentions are missed with the short life of flowers bloom. Some are fulfilled and make you realize sometimes you get your yourself to the right place just at the right time.—Dominick

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  1. Veronica Lawlor

    Dom I love love LOVE this illustration!

  2. Dominick

    Thank you so much Ronnie.

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