The Character(s) of Washington Square Park

The Character(s) of Washington Square Park


So another semester at Pratt and Parsons has begun! On Tuesday afternoon I took my Pratt “Drawing on Location” class to Washington Square Park in NYC’s Greenwich Village and gave them this assignment: draw all the kinds of people in the park and design from that a New Yorker cover about “The Character(s) of Washington Square Park.”

Even though New York City has changed a lot recently (see THIS blog that tracks it) there are still some holdovers from the summer of love hanging around in Washington Square Park, like these two gentleman hippies hanging out near the fountain. I couldn’t help but scribble a drawing of them and their fabulousness with a ballpoint pen as I waited for the students to bring their sketchbooks to me for critique. What a pair of fantastically wonderful free spirits they were, harmonica and all.

There is always something to love about New York City, which is why I don’t think I could ever live anywhere else. 🙂

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