The Brancusi Truth

The Brancusi Truth

While visiting the MOMA the other day, I fell in love with Brancusi all over again.


There was one sculpture in particular that caught my attention as it reminded me a lot of what is going on today in our domestic and global political scene as it is presented to us through the media.


The sculpture changed as I walked around it viewing it from different angles.


As your perspective changes, so does your perspective! ha. If that makes sense to you, then we stand together in the belief that there is no one truth. No one side to a story. And the closest we can come to the truth is by looking at the whole picture.


I always try to walk around the news in the same way that I walked around that sculpture. And I don’t let myself get baited or led by a headline or popular opinion. Come to think of it, I never even looked at the title of this sculpture. A habit, I guess, of letting myself decide what it means.


“Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.” ~Arabic saying



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