The Anomalies


To say that I find joy in picking a spot, sitting down and drawing is an understatement. It is like no other experience that I can compare. Part social analysis, part cultural happening—a study in shapes and patterns, motion and line—it is easy to get lost in the reportage. There is so much that comes rushing to the front of my mind, even more so when the scene is one that I have known most of my life. As I found my spot behind the press that my father runs, a job he has been doing a very long time, I couldn’t help but wonder how many  other people were holding onto a process that they fell in with a half a century or more ago. Life having changed all around them ten times over every decade in that time, but the work they do, the experience they have, built upon principles from so early on in their life. What has been passed on, and what will be lost when they hang up their hats?  —Dominick

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