Thank you Old Man Winter

Thank you Old Man Winter


The poor guy’s been getting a lot of flack here in the NE coast these days. Thought I’d give him a shout out.

We’ve been having a snowy winter and people are complaining. What an ungrateful, whiny bunch! Hey, myself included. I just CANNOT WAIT for the Spring, and more importantly, the Summer! If it doesn’t snow, we fear global warming. When it snows, we groan. Seriously, I think we’re all losing it!

But yesterday morning, when I looked through my window, I thought: “This is good.” And then: “No, really, this is good!” I convinced myself that Old Man Winter is a neat guy, and made a drawing for him. I signed it:

Love, Despina

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  1. Margaret

    Despina, this is lovely and cold and cozy!

  2. despina

    toasty warm from the indoors!! thanks Marg!

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