Taste of Joy

Taste of Joy


This is a thumbnail for a drawing called “Taste of Joy”, part of a drawing series I created called, “Sensations.”

I did these drawings in response to Paul Ryan’s Cybernetics class, while studying for my masters degree in Media Arts at the New School. After I received my degree, I had the good fortune to continue to work with Paul, designing the graphics for his documenta 13 exhibit on ‘Threeing’ and also designing the ‘Earthscore’ mural illustrating his theories, at 601 Artspace last February.

Paul Ryan, unfortunately for us, has left this earth for a better place. I’ll miss his brilliant mind, his sensitive nature, and most of all his humor. He was a student of Gregory Bateson and Marshall McLuhan, and a truly original thinker, philosopher, and artist in his own right. Please visit his website HERE to see some of his video work and read some of his theories.

I’d like to dedicate this post to him. I hope you’re finding joy in the universe Paul, and thank you for your friendship.

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  1. Greg Betza

    Sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful tribute.

  2. Veronica

    Thank you Greg. I’ll miss him for sure.

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