Freedom of speech

I first posted this in 2018 as I was working on imagery to represent what I was sensing. I saw it happening not only in the press but also on social media and among friends. The list of things we aren’t allowed to discuss is growing. People are being de-platformed, smeared and demonized. I believe […]

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Pike’s Peak, almost

Rocky Mountains illustration

So I’ve been spending some time out west and while in Colorado I attempted to “paint”, with crayons, Pike’s Peak. It was really a great day spent with my son drawing until the sun began melting our crayons right on the top of the rocks we were drawing from. That was fine, it happens. But what […]

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Superbowl Sunday

It’s always so much fun to look at a huge mess like this scene from the demolition site of the old Giants Stadium. It’s “eye candy”. From the mountains of gravel to the crooked metal beams, the whole scene became one giant texture.  See a couple of more drawings from that day on my blog. […]

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