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  1. Ruth Jaeger

    This is absolutely wonderful. If you’re using a dip pen, how do you manage this out there on location? If not, what are you using?

  2. Greg

    Hi Ruth. Thank you! This was a dip pen, using different nibs for different line thicknesses. I’m pretty sure I was sitting down, just being extra careful to hold onto my ink bottle tightly. Not much more to it than that!

  3. Ruth Jaeger

    Thanks. I’ll keep trying to use the dip pen, then, since you say it can be done. Markers are so easy, but the results inelegant. Keep up the good work! This is my favorite art blog along with Urban Sketchers.

  4. Greg

    Yes, keep trying Ruth. Dip is a challenge, but the rewards are worth it. Try different types of paper (weight and texture) with your dip pen, you may find what you’re looking for 😉

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