Jersey City


Here was an alternate drawing for a reportage project back in 2015. I remember it being one of my favorite jobs, just sitting at a table on a closed street, getting paid to make drawings. I never ate at the restaurant Porta though I hear it was quite good. Greg Betza ©2021

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My girl

This is my daughter. I realized recently that I haven’t drawn her in a while. Drawing children is so enjoyable for me, they do crazy things with their bodies and never stop for more than a few seconds. Greg Betza ©2021

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Community Support

Recently there was a big fire in a building in my neighborhood; about 12 blocks from where I live. Many, many people are without a home right now, and the Jackson Heights community has pulled together to donate the basic requirements of living for these displaced families – blankets, clothing, toiletries, etc. –  to bring […]

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