D.C. or Bust

Whenever I am trying to describe to someone the feeling that a moment creates in my mind I think back to any one of the events in my lifetime that have carved such a deep memory that it can be recalled instantly. That is what inauguration day has become for me. This year however I […]

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1 minutes

1 minute fashion poses

“1-minutes” are what these short poses are sometimes called. They’re great for capturing body language and design. What I find is that they tend to be honest and instinctual. Less time to think and only time to react. It’s great exercise for the mind and hand. These 2 thumbnails are from a recent zoom drawing […]

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Prep & Clean Up

Another socially distant drawing from two weeks ago. Cafe’s and crowds itching to gather a little closer have passed the time, but there is a whole population I have been itching to draw. As we establish proper boundaries and protocol it was nice to be able to go onsite and draw.—Dominick

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