D.C. or Bust

Whenever I am trying to describe to someone the feeling that a moment creates in my mind I think back to any one of the events in my lifetime that have carved such a deep memory that it can be recalled instantly. That is what inauguration day has become for me. This year however I was reminded of another patriotic moment decades ago. While visiting family in Fort Lee, New Jersey one July 4th someone mentioned walking down to the George Washington Bridge and watching the fireworks by the Statue of Liberty. I thought this was the greatest experience in the world. Standing over the Hudson River I watched as colors glowed a few miles south in New York Harbor. Nothing could take that away from me. Until I got back to the party and saw the show being replayed on WPIX. There was noise, and explosions, and actual FIREWORKS! I didn’t see any of that in real time. Drawing President Biden from the television as he was sworn in last week I was reminded how cold and distant I have been from the Capitol on inauguration day every 4 years. I avoid the jumbo trons along the mall as much as I can and focus on the people. There is something quite extraordinary being there and I certainly missed it this year, but I resolved to be there next time and enjoyed my front row seat.—Dominick

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