Snow Day! Here in the Northeastern corridor of the United States we are being blanketed with snow from a nor’easter storm. Predictions are over a foot of snow falling in NYC; probably more further north. Pictured is a drawing of the Zakim Bridge in Boston, standing tall during the storm. Keep warm and safe everyone! […]

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fashion illustration Greg Betza

Took part in a society of illustrators fashion sketch night last week. Here is a drawing made with ink. You can see a video of me creating it on my instagram page here:   Greg Betza ©2021

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The Capitol

I drew this image of the Capitol of the United States several years ago. At the time I drew it, I could never have imagined the events of the past week in our country. Let’s hope that we can pass this test on the ideals of democracy, and even, dare we say, come closer to […]

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The end

masked people drawing

The end of 2020; so many have been anticipating this symbolic transition into better times. Me too. I made this drawing at Universal Studios last month. Creating it reminded me of all the many, many people I’ve drawn in real life over the years and how different it was this time. The masks, the uncertainty, […]

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Sandhill Crane

sandhill cranes drawing

When you move to a new area there are always surprises, some good some not so good. Luckily we have been greeted by much good so far, including a trio of sandhill cranes that spend a great deal of time near the pond behind my house and often come knocking on my patio door.  I’ve […]

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