Here is a drawing of Colleen Green. Her band was the opening act a few weekends ago in Brooklyn. I’d never heard of her or her band but I enjoyed her stage presence, look and especially her sunglasses. Thanks to my sister for holding my beer while I drew this. Greg Betza ©2017

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Very Young People Concert

Jazz for young people/Michele Bedigian

  Throughout the year there are these Sunday afternoon’s when the New York Philharmonic perform these fantastic concerts for children ages 3- 6. With ensembles of strings, brass, and woodwinds they teach them an introductory overview of what makes up the entire orchestra. It’s incredible! Through movement, singing, and humor my little guys are hooked and can’t wait for the next one! […]

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design in song

Mexican Mariachi/Michele Bedigian

  Years ago when I was training with my mentor weekly one of his biggest lessons was, “Design is key to any drawing. Without design there’s nothing to work with.” One could argue design is an intrical part of a drawing no matter what you do simply because it’s there. BUT, no one can deny there’s GOOD design and then there’s […]

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No matter what you call it…GOD, ALLAH, ELOHIM, YHWH, OM, JEHOVAH, ALMIGHTY, PRABHU,  etc… for most of us on this planet there is a belief in a higher power beyond what we can see, feel, touch or smell. This morning there was an incredible essay on one of the morning shows that interviewed the Monks of Norcia. (Norcia is […]

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American rhythm

The American dream is about spirit, envisioning possibilities and the freedom to reach for them. Above is a drawing of the Main Street Philharmonic in WDW…where so many dreams have begun. Hope you all had a peaceful and memorable weekend. – Michele Bedigian INDEPENDENCE DAY In the year of 1776 That paper was decreed – They were tired […]

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