Benedicta inspires/Michele Bedigian

No matter what you call it…GOD, ALLAH, ELOHIM, YHWH, OM, JEHOVAH, ALMIGHTY, PRABHU,  etc… for most of us on this planet there is a belief in a higher power beyond what we can see, feel, touch or smell. This morning there was an incredible essay on one of the morning shows that interviewed the Monks of Norcia. (Norcia is in Italy.) These unique men look for the presence of GOD in the ordinary. As I listened I slowly realized how critical it is to our health in this terribly demanding world we have created for ourselves to stop and look for all the GIFTS in the ordinary. From the heart I encourage you to check this out, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTQTFW1Gdbs&noredirect=1

This was a GIFT for me this morning. I hope by sharing it, you’ve received one too today. – Michele

Artwork is titled ‘Paradise’. It was done in mixed medium on location in the New York Botanical Gardens

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