Prairie still life

I have always loved anything Americana (revealing, of course, my origin from outside, where the myth shines more enticingly. This is a still life composed of some farm life essentials--bales of cloth, an iron, soapflakes, and a vessel that looks like it might have been doubling as an umbrella-stand and door-holder for ninety years before [...]View post →

German vacation 1

The bizarre wooden castle “Schachenhaus” sits atop an Alpine mountain peak in the German state of Bavaria, a lesser-known but by no means less surreal figment of King Ludwig II’s imagination (famous for Neuschwanstein, aka Disney’s Cinderella castle). Unlike Ludwig’s other “fairytale” castles, you can only get to this gem via a hellish 5-hour hike, […]

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Walking through the second floor of the Met Museum in NYC I love browsing through museums, and taking emotional notes with either my brain or my pen (or, as in this case, with pencil and crayon)

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