Healthy Fats

avocado illustration

I’ve been reading a lot about food. Not only for my personal health and well-being but I’ve been exploring the system in which our food becomes available to us, the sustainability, the types of diets and the morality of eating. Here’s an avocado. It’s the first food I’ve given to my infant. No, rice is […]

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Still Life

fruit Stuck inside by yet another Nor’easter, I decided to look around and make some art. Here is a drawing of some fruit in my dining room. I love making this kind of work where I’m just working on designing a picture. No agenda, just for fun. I posted the other drawings I made on […]

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National Donut Day

My sweet tooth, which has been dormant for the last few years, has returned with a vengeance in the last week or two. So that’s why I didn’t miss the opportunity to get and eat donuts today. In our area, there is no better place fro donuts than The Montclair Bread Company. Their donuts have […]

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