flights of birds

animal kingdom/Michele Bedigian

I just returned from a trip to Animal Kingdom with the family a few weeks back and had a chance to do a little doodling on site while the kids were watching “Flight of birds”. The piece was actually an addition to a few pieces I had done last summer while down south with the […]

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I was at the Turtleback Zoo with my son the other day and we spent a lot of time at the stingray touch tank. At first he was not brave enough to go ahead and touch, so I cheered him on and he was able to do it. Then came the inevitable “Now it’s your […]

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Protect our marine life

Once considered a limitless and inexhaustible resource, oceans are in jeopardy. The demands of a growing population are damaging marine ecosystems and depleting ocean and coastal resources. New and innovative approaches are needed now to maintain and restore the biological wealth of the world’s oceans and coasts. reference from <>

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