Some New Perspective

It is impossible to fit into a few short lines what an afternoon experience means when you have longed to make said experience happen as far back as the moment it was announced. Looking through a few very old sketchbooks today, I realized that the past week has been an abrupt and very direct reminder of some of what I have let slip. Friends I miss dearly, time lost but not forgotten, and knowing when to take the moment and seize the day. I caught up with more than one friend in the last 7 days and hope to keep up the trend. As for the afternoon experience and the old sketchbooks, I found myself a few hours from home knowing it may be the only time I get to see some of my favorite works by J.M.W. Turner. The show at Mystic Seaport is closing this weekend, but if you get the chance it is worth the trek no matter how far, unless you know that you will be at the Tate in London in the near future. And those sketchbooks, sometimes a little distance is all you need to see what might possible. —Dominick

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