Summertime 2

Summertime 2


Reading Greg’s post the other day and seeing his drawing of Main Street put my thoughts also to Disney World and the happy summers I spent drawing there as a student of the late David J. Passalacqua. Dave taught me a lot about reportage illustration and a lot about life. This weekend marks the fifth anniversary of his passing, so I’m posting this drawing in honor of him. I drew these ragtime musicians years ago at the park – it’s a drawing of mine that he always liked. One of the last things Dave said to me before he passed was, “do it with what I taught you.” It’s amazing how much of his teaching I hear in my head when I’m on a reportage assignment. It is my hope to have a similar good influence on my own students some day. Thanks Dave. Veronica

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  1. margaret

    Have always loved this drawing, Ron.
    Those are beautiful sentiments.

  2. Sara

    Thank you for posting this, Ronnie. I loved what you wrote, it means a lot to read it.

  3. Danielle C. McManus

    You do Ronnie. I hear you all the time when I’m working and drawing on location. You have had a wonderful influence on me from the first time I met you, and always will.

  4. Anonymous

    It took years for Summertime to feel ok again with out planning a trip to Florida. I hate hot New York summers with a passion, yet I would give anything to get one more rainy, poncho-covered, sweltering, humid, melting crayon session in the pit with Dave. Beautiful drawing Ronnie, thank you for sharing.

  5. Veronica

    Thanks guys. Danielle, that’s very sweet.

  6. Donna

    Wow, what a great teacher he must have been and how nice of you to say so. This is a wonderful drawing and I am looking forward to studying under you and Margaret in a few weeks.

  7. Richard Katz

    Very nice drawing! I studied under Dave Passalacqua at Parson’s School of Design from 1988-1992 and had much respect for him as an artist as well as a person. Looking at your drawing I can see his influence. He taught me that I should always question my drawing and never be complacent, which inherently I seemed to do naturally, and he realized that. He also suggested that I attend his Summer workshop in Disney, regrettably I never got there. I was saddened to learn of his passing, it made me realize that our time here is so limited. As humans we have a tendency to encapsulate people as we remembered them last. We often find it difficult to put into our conscious minds that nothing remains crystallized as you remember it, that is just an illusion and is not grounded in the permanence of reality. I used to think I had all the time in the world, and in reality I don’t!

    Richard Katz

  8. Veronica

    Hi Richard, thank you for writing. Time never stands still, I think that’s what so nice about teachers – their words stay with us. Best, Veronica

  9. Richard

    Very well said!

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