Studying in San Francisco

Studying in San Francisco

vl_san_fran_watercolorJust got back from a few days in San Francisco. Did some work, and some studying/playing too! The first afternoon I arrived, I high tailed it over to the Disney Family Museum to see the Mary Blair show. It was fantastic! What a career, and what a talent she was. It was especially fun to see her thumbnails for the Small World ride at Disneyland.

After the museum closed, I lingered in the Presidio for another hour or two, just enjoying the sunshine and playing with some watercolors. What fun.

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  1. Frank Bettendorf

    You rascal! How I envy you being back in the SF Bay Area! Thanks for posting.
    Frank B

  2. Veronica

    Ha ha, Frank, I can’t stay away!

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