Straight up portrait of woman

Straight up portrait of woman

portrait of a woman/Michele Bedigian

While running into Starbuck’s this morning after school drop off for a chance to connect with parts of “me” in my day that don’t have anything to do with drop-offs, school lunches, library books, or pick-ups I saw this woman sitting with a man in what appeared to be a very serious conversation. Respectful of their space I took the moment to draw her quickly (behind my sunglasses lol). For in all her seriousness she had this serene beauty that I was attracted too and wanted to capture. Maybe it was just that … a moment of “serene” that felt so appealing. Hope you have a peacefully serene day too, - Michele

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  1. Jennifer Edwards

    Beautiful drawing! Line quality reflects her serenity. I so understand that whole ” trying to connect with parts of you that are not driving the kids around everywhere” through drawing!

  2. Michele

    Thank you Jennifer. It really is a treasure when things get hairy! All the best and thanks again.

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