Setting Sun Behind the Hills

Setting Sun Behind the Hills


As we found ourselves nearing rush hour traffic at the end of our 3,000 mile journey (added mileage in New Jersey thanks to my reliance on Google Maps) the sun was setting and the light was disappearing on the hills that I am always in awe of. Being from the East coast, I have noticed that like many other places we passed along the way, grass doesn’t seem to be as prevalent as it is on the this side of the country. This is based on a very small cross section, and only having spent small chunks of time in LA, so my science is a little incomplete, but driving along, the major green—or blue if you will—reaches for the heavens more so than lies at your feet. Of course I walked—yes, walked—through neighborhoods with beautiful green lawns while I was staying in the Toluca Lake area, but looking out as we entered greater Los Angeles you could see where the serenity of the desert meets the California forests in all their fantasy. Observing the blend of climates and cultures represented in the landscaping of the landscape before me, I was excited for my stay, however short it would be.—Dominick

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