Starting the Year Off on a (Slightly) Better Note

Starting the Year Off on a (Slightly) Better Note

Somewhere over the last two days I read the history of the Time Square celebration and the origin of the ball dropping. A year is just a number but for some reason I, like so many others, put stock in the blank canvas, the fresh start, the days to come. When the celebration started in 1904, the Times was making a rebound, staking it’s necessary place in our lives and moving forward, onward and upward. Having ended 2018 on a less than stellar note in terms of online activity, I, albeit late, have committed to a resolution of sorts, and strive to make good on what is most important to me. To you and yours, here is to a prosperous 2019, whatever form that takes for you.—Dominick

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  1. Greg

    A beauty Dominick! Happy New Year!

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