Spontaneous OWL

Spontaneous OWL

Recently, I helped my two year son paint a toy model boat. We used one brush for all the colors, so before dipping into a new color I would help him pat the brush dry on the paper I had laid out to protect the table. We both liked all the markings and started to pay more attention to them than to the boat.  Before we knew it, an owl was born!

Admittedly, I have a thing for owls lately. Here’s a few very interesting facts:

•Unlike most other birds, the female is larger in size than the male  •Some owls have eye patches on the back of their heads in order to convince other animals that they are always watching  •The feathers on their face are arranged in disc shapes in order to receive sound efficiently (like the shape of a stereo speaker)
Pretty amazing stuff! -Despina

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  1. michele

    like? – LOVE!!!!

  2. Margaret hurst

    It’s always the way. I always love the “un-illustration” more than the “illustration” most of the time! Sweet!

  3. despina

    Thanks Michele! and
    Marg- Yes!

  4. audrey

    I love it! It’s a beautiful drawing and a sweet story!

  5. julia

    LOOOVEEEE!!! and this drawing jumps off the screen!

  6. despina

    thanks ladies.

    PS- …we signed james’ name on the boat. 😉
    (feeling a little mommy guilt for signing only my name on the owl)

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