I hadn’t looked at Ronnie’s entry from yesterday until just after I decided what I would post today. Before that I was hesitant. My intention was to draw something uplifting because, hell, after this past year I am tired of bad news. I know I am not alone. But the fact is now is not the time to look at life through rose colored glasses. We do live in a great nation yet, like any other, it also has great problems. If last year did not, last week certainly highlighted that beyond any reasonable doubt. I am not a constitutional scholar or claim to be a history buff to pretend to know what the founding fathers had in mind when they laid out the framework for this country. Every new city I am lucky to visit I see a different point of view, different reasoning for why and how we form a union. With each new decade and 20 years in on a new century, that framework continues to guide us. We may not like each other all of the time, but at the very least we need to live with a common respect for the principles that our founding fathers bestowed on us. We are far better off when we are discussing ideas than when we are giving up and saying “what can we do?” in absolute frustration. It takes each one of us, speechless or not, to stand by those principles and not waver on the tenets of this great nation as we do our best to always make it a more perfect union.—Dominick

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