soul to soul

soul to soul

Above is a study for a painting I was asked to do by the New York Kabbalah Center as a birthday gift for Karen Berg, the leading female kabbalist of our generation.

It was late in September when teachers and students living in New York were asked to think about Karen and express (along with a wish) what color she felt like to them. My job? … was to collect those colors and harmonize them into a piece that would illuminate a conversation on canvas, soul to soul. As time evolved, so did the painting, the balance changing gradually as the wishes came in.

In the end, it was complete..a manifestation of the love, respect and appreciation for Karen’s way. And me? … I simply held the brush.

Note: Kabbalah teaches that each color in the spectrum reflects a specific symbolic characteristic, also called “angels”. This commission was really unique and one I’ll never forget.

Study by Michele Bedigian

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  1. Greg

    Really nice Michele. What a wonderful commission. Congratulations, I’d love to see the finished piece.


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