Someone at the Door

The noise out the window told a tale of greater chaos than I first expected. Warnings of severe winds and the side effects of Tropical Storm Isaias had been steady all morning. As with all such moments, there is nothing to fear until it happens. The winds blew threw and suddenly the neighborhood was brought to a stop, literally. Luckily no real harm other than a very old tree limb that now blocked the road. The rain started again and I went back inside. Within a few short moments the warning sounds of emergency vehicles erupted. They must have been at the ready. I opened the front door to see the scene above literally at the end of my walk. I took a seat and drew from within my doorway, 20 feet from the front end of the dump truck, safe from the storm. Until of course the winds howled and the rain picked up once again. Safety is as relative as the screen veiling the outside world. My paper didn’t fare well as the drawing disappeared into a million little puddles. Not accepting defeat, I let it dry a little and took another turn. Soon after the trucks were gone and the road was open.  —Dominick

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