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  1. julia

    I love this drawing. But wait. Drawing *under the water*?! That’s unreal! How is that even possible?

  2. Veronica

    Hi Julia, special diver’s note-taking tablet that Neil bought for me. It was great fun to draw under the water – hard to control at times with the current. The fish were very interested in what I was doing. I had a school of blue angel fish circling my legs at one point. What a dream! – Ronnie

  3. Julia

    Ahhh! Neil! That’s so cool…I gave up trying to figure out what materials you could have used: was it acetate and oil crayon? acrylic board? Now this takes reportage to a WHOLE new level. And how amazing that fish took interest. UNREAL.

  4. despina

    wow. wow wow wow wow wow. 6 wows

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