Sensei’s Award

Sensei’s Award

According to Wikipedia, the word Aikido is formed from three kanji: ai, which means joining or combining; ki, which is spirit or energy; and do, which is way, or path. So Aikido is the Japanese “way of combining forces,” or “the martial arts principle of blending with an attackers movement for the purpose of controlling their actions with minimal effort.” (Read the entry HERE.)

My husband Neil has been practicing Aikido for many years under the tutelage of Sensei Hagihara. The Sensi was just awarded 8th Dan, and there was a celebration at the Long Island Aikiki dojo where he teaches. I was lucky enough to attend the ceremony, and had a chance to draw many of the demonstrations, such as the one above.

I love the Aikido philosophy of blending with your opponents energy to create a new form – might be a great philosophy to try on Capitol Hill.

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