Scoliosis (from Greek: skoliōsis meaning from skolios, “crooked”)[1] is a medical condition in which a person’s spine is curved from side to side.


When I first found out that my wife had scoliosis I began to do some research, I had never heard of scoliosis up until then.   In my research I began to make drawings that described what I thought it felt like based on the descriptions I read. The drawings above are just a few from a series I made.

Eddie Peña

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  1. Cindy Ramos

    This is amazing that the condition of scoliosis inspired this piece. I am happy you did so. This condition can be very painful. I know because I too have been diagnosed with scoliosis and there are days that the pain is excruciating. Thank you for raising awareness with this piece my wonderful cousin. May God continue to bless this gift He has given you to express beauty in a sometimes ugly world.

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