San Francisco Jumble

vl_san_francisco_corner_2010San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf area can be a scene of TOTAL ACTIVITY, especially on the Fourth of July, when this drawing was made. Streetcars, bicycles, pedestrians, dogs, cats, birds, sunbathers, tokers, smokers, jokers, lovers, runners, dancers, romancers. What a scene!

Note the use of the thumbnail in the top left corner – design is the best way to control the chaos. On your paper, anyway! I have to say though, the chaos in San Francisco was all peaceful and groovy… not one fight broke out all day. Nice town.

posted by Veronica

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  1. Frank Bettendorf

    Thank you for the wonderful post! What great memories of SF came flooding back along with great memories of our friendship. I’m always happy to see you are still drawing and posting. Good motivation for me.
    Frank B

  2. Veronica

    So nice to hear from you Frank! This drawing was made shortly after our Seattle workshop. You’ve been on my mind – how is the drawing? It’s getting warmer, good drawing weather soon. Would love to see one or two some time… 🙂

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