Sagrada Familia in Technicolor

Sagrada Familia in Technicolor


Next week I am leaving for Manchester, UK, to teach a workshop at the 7th annual Urban Sketchers symposium. Can’t wait! The urban sketchers group are a mixed bunch of people of many levels  – including illustrators, architects, designers, painters, and those new to art – all of whom share one thing in common, a love of drawing on location.

It’s always a wonderful experience for me, and I’ve had the opportunity to teach at several of them. The nice thing is that besides teaching, I have a chance to draw on location myself, and always learn something new from the experience. Plus, I enjoy meeting up with the many friends I’ve made over the years.

The drawing above, “Sagrada Familia in Technicolor”, was made at the symposium in Barcelona two years ago. (That Gaudi could get pretty gaudy…)

Can’t wait to see what this year brings!

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for more info on this year’s symposium, please click HERE

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