Retreat to Victory

Retreat to Victory



While that sounds like something illogical, it actually happened on November 20, 1776. General George Washington, having learned of the invasion of New Jersey by British and Hessian forces, ordered a hasty retreat from Fort Lee (formerly Fort Constitution) avoiding certain capture and/or death, and potentially the death of the revolution.

Last Saturday Revolutionary War enthusiasts reenacted the battle. It was like traveling in a time machine as you watched the muskets and canons firing, the British chasing the remaining revolutionaries, bodies laying along the path. What an experience. Here is a drawing I made while standing in the woods just off the path of the battle!

Greg Betza ©2016

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  1. Veronica

    Love those red coats! Great drawing Greg.

  2. Greg

    thank you Ronnie, yes they were great, very red!

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