Rally: I Am A Muslim Too!

Rally: I Am A Muslim Too!

Yesterday in Times Square there was a rally, called: “I Am A Muslim Too!” New York City is the famous melting pot of America, and we take our role as an immigrant city very seriously – many New Yorkers of many faiths and ethnicities came out to support their Muslim friends and neighbors. And there were so many smiling Muslim families out there as well.

One woman walked by the busy crowd and yelled out, “Trump’s the President now, get over it!” But I think she missed the whole point of the event – it was not an anti-Trump protest but instead a pro-Unity celebration. What a lovely sentiment.

I’ll be posting more drawings from this event on my personal blog later this week, if you’d like to see more. Thanks.

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  1. Greg

    Great drawing, love that woman in the front!

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