Quick Oculus Drawing

I often am asked the question: “do you REALLY make one drawing every day?” And the answer is yes, most definitely I do! Does that mean that I am sitting down and making a drawing with a capitol D each day? No, what it means is that drawing has become the way that I negotiate through the world, and the way that I think best. So some days my drawing might be a quick series of thumbnails, on other days, a longer exploration for a client; other days, a study for myself. The last category is probably the most important for my life as an artist, as it feeds the professional and personal projects and keeps me interested and (hopefully) growing in my own modes of expression.

This drawing above is one I made quickly at The Oculus, the new transportation hub/shopping center near One World Trade. I took my Drawing on Location students there a few weeks back, when we had an amazing early spring 70 degree day in the city. I usually tuck a small sketchbook in my bag for those days when I am teaching and not able to spend hours on my own work – but I do want to keep myself limber. When I draw quickly like that I usually find something to study or practice – in this case, I wanted to draw the Oculus quickly and with a lot of energy to describe the area of Manhattan that it’s sitting in. The business district near Wall Street is a lot of hustle and bustle, and I wanted my lines to reflect that. This took about five minutes or less, but was a great thought to play with while I waited for the students to come meet me at the critique spot. Fun!

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